Center for Architecture Exhibition

The AIANY Innovate:Integrate Exhibition of 2010-2011 is a testament to the fact that architects are uniquely poised to gauge and exploit current trends in construction and design technology. While the introduction of new building technologies and the pursuit of architectural excellence are not inevitably related, as evidenced in the discord of our built environment, the Liquid Wall innovation is the successful combination of real-world problem-solving with a broad potential for architectural vision. Expanding the realm of possibility for architectural design is a major theme of the Liquid Wall system. The integration of aesthetic and functional façade elements within the Liquid Wall creates a wealth of positive choices for the designer. The use of depth, texture and color, manipulation of surface and geometry, and transmission and reflection of light render the Liquid Wall façade a fully spatial construction.

The Liquid Wall provides the way for three-dimensional architectural façade ideas to become buildable, custom-designed, high-performance systems.

Several architects were asked to contribute Liquid Wall designs for the Center for Architecture’s Innovate:Integrate Exhibition. Scale models of their designs were included in the show and can be seen in the Photo Gallery (sidebar).