The Liquid Wall is a system that is highly approachable for designers and builders alike.  While the methods of prefabrication used in making the Liquid Wall create new synergies across traditional industrial domains, the system does not dramatically deviate from the existing concepts of unitized curtain wall erection.

The size and weight of the wall panels as well as the positioning of anchors and infill panels are tailor-made for efficient installation and adapted to state-of-the-art practices of present-day unitized curtain wall construction.  The Liquid Wall does not require the reconfiguration of existing on-site construction practices.  Panels can be efficiently installed from the interior or exterior of a building structure depending on the building’s height and the site conditions.

The continuing drive in the construction industry for rapid and reliable off-site fabrication and simple, efficient site erection is an explicit objective of the Liquid Wall design.  This is an innovative technology that can be implemented immediately in today’s construction market.