Casting has always been the most expressive method of mass production available to the facade designer.  The casting process, with its inherent form-finding capacity, is perfectly suited to producing forms that are achievable only through 3D digital modelling.

In the production of the Liquid Wall, the parallel application of design and fabrication technologies offers the designer and the manufacturer the opportunity to pursue a singular, coherent objective without inherent contradictions between the process of drawing and the process of making.

Shaping our built environment through the imagination is the architect’s dream; our ambition is to realize that dream through the construction of innovative, high-performance, durable building systems.

In the Liquid Wall production process, the combination of 3D modelling, CNC milling and UHPC casting expands the aesthetic possibilities far beyond those available within the limited range of existing metal curtain wall technology.  The Liquid Wall takes full advantage of the designer’s virtually unmediated communication with the means of production.